Relationship in Gifting

Relationship in Gifting

The Relationship in Gifting

I've received gifts small in value that held a special place in my heart, and I've received others that were way grander yet simply didn't hit the mark. It got me thinking; What is it about the gifts that matter most? What is it that excites us and what is it that disappoints? I studied and observed, and found that there's a definite relationship in gifting that is worth exploring. 

What is it that forms that relationship?

When gifting it's useful to ask yourself the three questions below:
- Why?
- Who?
- How?

Why gift?

Think about why you feel the need to gift. Is it a special relationship you want to foster? Is there an occasion that demands it? Is it for a celebration you want to take part in? Is it due to a feeling of obligation? Is it about the happiness you feel when gifting? Or perhaps it's a combination of more then one reason.

Who is the recipient?

Really consider who you are giving the gift to. Be considerate of their age and make sure the gift is appropriate especially when gifting kids.

Understand your connection to the recipient. You will want to be more personal with a good friend and more formal with when it comes to corporate gifts.

Lastly, think of the recipients likes, needs and wants. Is the person serious, funny or loving? Is the individual feminine, masculine, romantic or practical? Look for a gift that matches their characteristics.

How to present?

Paying attention to the details in the presentation of the gift shows that you care. Wether you choose to do a pretty wrapping or just a neat little bag always remember a handwritten note. Don't overthink it. Write from your heart.

Happy gifting!



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