Self Care Gift Set - Revive


The self care gift set is just the right combo of products to revive and restore body and mind.

Set Includes:
-Hand and body bar soap
Made from all-natural ingredients, this bar soap creates a light lather that gently cleanses without stripping. A heady blend of rose, amyris, black pepper & sage stimulate the senses while pink clay helps to balance skin leaving it soft and smooth. Warm to the touch. 

-Bubble bath blossom
Bubbles are even dreamier when they’re made from all-natural ingredients that don’t dry out or irritate your skin. The blossom bubble bath includes a blend of rose, bergamot, palmarosa and lemongrass essential oils. These create a light, airy aroma that fills the room as you soak.

-Rose soaking salt
Sink deep into a moment of restoration with our bath salts. Himalayan salts contain over 84 essential minerals, while eucalyptus helps soothe irritation, and rosemary and peppermint have a cooling effect on your skin.

-Exfoliating wash cloth
The exfoliating washcloth is a gentle way to help scrub your skin, removing old skin cells so new ones can grow. Regular exfoliation also boosts circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage. This helps detoxify your body and leaves your skin looking glowy and fresh.