Art Print Greeting Card Baby

Art Print Greeting Card Baby

For the new mother, grandmother or big sister. 
The excitement of a new baby never gets old.
When it's combined with a special milestone
the joy only increases. This card captures the
connection of past pretend play and dreams 
to the reality of the special moment. 

It was a long time ago,
Yet at times feels like a blink,
When you were just a little girl,
Doing your thing.

Busy with dolls,
Imitating at your best,
It didn't take long,
For you to be put to the test.

You had your own little baby,
Your own little treasure,
Your first born, your princess,
Oh what a treasure.

Ten tiny fingers,
Ten tiny toes,
The cutest little ears,
And a beautiful button nose.

From a little kid,
To having a child of your own,
From pretend play to reality,
Oh how time has flown.

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