Playing with Ribbon

Playing with Ribbon

I tend to go for neutral tones and solid colors when shopping for wrapping supplies. I favor them for two reasons.

1. The Practicality

Bright colors and patterns don't always fit an occasion or theme. They become outdated with time and often end up laying around till you had enough and decide to dispose of it. Neutrals on the other hand can be bought for stock as you can always find a use. 

2. The Aesthetic Appeal

Neutral solids are aesthetically pleasing and easy to coordinate. You can't really go wrong with a basic. They go with mostly everything and work with almost anything.

Yet it can't be denied that bright colors and patterns add so much to life. They bring on happy vibes and character when incorporated. While neutrals keep things muted, bright colors have the power to invigorate. Therefore I do often like to incorporate it as an element of surprise. 

When wrapping this gift for a young teen I stayed true to myself and started with the soft pink paper and white cotton ribbon I had on hand. To add some much needed spunk I played around with the ribbon and some markers. I'm pretty pleased with the end result and will definitely be using this technique again. My kids will love adding their personal style when gifting their friends this holiday season.


To get this look you will need:

1. Light colored cotton ribbon
2. Permanent Markers Sharpie 
3. Rubbing alcohol.
4. Paintbrush or  squirt bottle.

Start by coloring the ribbon. It's a good idea to try some samples first. Play with different colors and designs to create cool patterns. Try stripes, dots, plaids, little scribbles and whatever else comes to mind. Brush or spray rubbing alcohol to get the tie die effect. To get the pattern to stay on permanent apply heat by ironing or throwing it into the dryer. The simplest way is to run it through a flat iron. A flat iron is also a great for straightening ribbons that are creased.

Enjoy crafting and leave us a comment or share your work.







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