DIY Lapel Pins Great For Personalization

DIY Lapel Pins Great For Personalization

Spring is here and so is warmer weather. This change means trips to parks, longer bike rides and other outdoor excursions. All things I love doing with my kids, if not for the one drawback called snacks. The early morning prep and hauling a heavy bag around all day is the easy part, but when it comes to keeping a close account of exactly who already ate what with careful eyes prying on every move you take #jealousy, that is enough to drain all the fun and energy. Let's not forget that some kids only leave the house for snacks, which means the kvetching of "I'm hungry" starts the moment you step out the front door regardless of what they just ate.

Last summer I gave my kids this great tote so they can prepare their snacks and drinks, and carry them on their own. Besides the physical weight off my shoulder these outings became all the more pleasant. No more worrying who got more, no more cries of I'm hungry. Because the bag can be worn over the shoulder it worked great for outdoor activities like bike riding and hiking. There was only one small problem I needed to solve, they all had the same bag, so when more then one bag was put down at the same time drama ensued over which bag belongs to whom. I figured since lapel pins are all the rage now I'll get each of my kids different enamel pins to adorn their already fun bag. 

While googling for their favorite designs I came across some blogs showing how you can get a similar look using shrink film. Aside from being totally custom and cute, we had a great time creating our designs and spent a lazy Sunday doing a fun craft. (how's that for "what can I do?".)

While these pins are not as perfect as enamel pins we had a great time experimenting with our own designs, and they sure look great on the bag.

Supplies used:

Shrink Film Clear 
Shrink Film White (won't work for tracing.)
Sharpie Markers
Mod Podge


Print summer themed designs on shrink film sheets. You can use my free printable below.
Summer Fun 
Summer Treats

Color the printed sheets with sharpies. (If you can't print directly on the film you can print on standard paper and trace the designs, or draw your own.)

Cut out shapes and Bake on 325º until shrinks to size. Sheets may curl while shrinking but should flatten on its own. If it's not totally flat when you remove the film, use a hard object to flatten while warm.

Finish with mod podge for a smoother finish. Let sit for 24 hours.

Use glue gun to glue the pins to the film.

Enjoy crafting.

Share your finished products, I'd love to see your work!




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