To send or not to send

To send or not to send

For all of us that send our kids to sleep away camp, we shopped, we prepared, we packed, we paid and finally we sent them off to hopefully have the time of their life - and they’ll be home before we know it. Of course we will miss our kids but they'll be having a great time and we'll also be doing just fine! So in the few short weeks that they're away do we really need to send packages?

I say: if you can, why not? 
Something as simple as receiving a written letter or small package from home feels special. It's like getting a virtual hug. Yet let's not forget what a spoiled generation our kids are being raised in. We need to be mindful to make it a meaningful experience and be careful not to overdo it.

I choose to include 3 things:
• Something to eat
• Something to do
• Something to grow

Something to eat:
Todays kids are not really hungry for food, they're hungry for connection. But who can deny that food makes the mood. I try to include a sweet message with each food item. See free printable for inspiration.

Something to do:
Pom poms are a great colorful packaging filler. They also double as a fun craft to do during their downtime. A simple wooden frame some glue and pom poms make the cutest frame. Include a photo of the family and kids will love having a framed photo for the moments they feel homesick or want to show off their family to their friends.

Something to grow:
While camp is a great place for fun and entertainment it's also a great environment for growth. A stationery set can be just the little nudge they need to spend more time being mindful. Remind them to send letters to their siblings and grandparents but even more, encourage them to build meaningful connections by showing appreciation to those that spend time caring for them like the good friend that's always at their side, a counselor that does something nice or a bunkmate that needs a little support. 

Here's the finished product. If you are inspired to recreate make it your own. This works for birthdays (specifically a sweet 16) or other celebrations as well. I included additional sticker printables for that. Let me know what you think.




Supplies used:

Wooden Frame

Pom Poms



Sticker Sheets 

Wrapping Paper

Stationery Set

Printable Downloads:

Colored Sheet

Black and White Sheet

Additional Colored

Additional Black an white

For tags I mount stickers to chip board or any other thick paper I have on hand.


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