Perfection Among the Chaos!

Perfection Among the Chaos!

Life is pretty chaotic around here. Living in a small space with a couple of needy kids I hardly get a break. When people comment "how do you have the time to create and potchke" I just shake my head as I silently sigh, for commenting anything truthful that can be perceived as negative is just not chic these days. You see, everyone needs to take some time out. Due to circumstances creating among the chaos is currently my only escape. So with loud background noise often in the sound of crying and among the clutters of life I dabble in baking and other forms of art. Here and there I create something I'm actually impressed with. 

Perhaps the mix of real life chaos and moments of calm crafting is in itself its own form of perfection, but until I'm ready to accept that I'll have this tray I put together to be proud of.

For a food board I like to start with an attractive wood cutting board. This one is from World Market. Start layering with your favorite desserts. I like to put smaller components on creased brown Parchment Sheets for a neater look. 

Desserts I made:

- turtle cookies ( they’re always a winner.)

- candied oranges and orange peels ( they may look intimidating but are really simple to make and special to taste.)

- rum balls coated in cocoa powder

- vanilla cookies with chocolate drizzle and crushed pistachios.

Let me know if you want any of the recipes or instructions.



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