Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide


With the holiday season coming up shopping season is here. Below are some of the cutest, entertaining, gifts for kids of all ages.

duck slide bath toy kids

Duck Slide Bath Toy

This toy makes bath time so fun.
It might just become your child's favorite time of day.


The Story Of Me Journal

Still a fan favorite. This journal offers kids a safe space to express themselves and get in touch with their emotions.


Make No Mistake Erasable Markers

While it may seem like a simple product these erasable markers allow for so much added creativity when coloring. It's a great add on to They Story Of Me Journal.


the genius star award winning game

The Genius Star

You can never go wrong with a good game. This award winning game is sure to bring hours of competitive fun. 




Lite Brite Touch

An updated Lite Brite without pegs offers endless creativity with great portability. Perfect for traveling.



fingerprint book

Fingerprint Book

The paint where young kids can enjoy painting freely without mom worrying of a paint or water mess. 


Todays teens are hard to please. With their high expectations and addiction to technology it takes a lot to stimulate and excite them. Below are simple ideas that might just hit the mark.




For the fitness lover - the perfect activity and fitness tracker. Slim, smart activity tracker blends fashionable design with stylish metal accents and a bright, easy to read display.




blaze pod



Need a push to work out? Turn it into a game. The Blaze Pod does just that.




lego flowers

Lego Icons Flower Bouquet

Who ever really outgrows legos? This set is so pretty, your teen will proudly display it.



Doodle dazzle shimmer markers 

Doodle Dazzle Shimmer Markers

Your teen will only be underwhelmed until they try these. The Doodle Dazzle Shimmer Markers are addictive to the doodling teen. 




vintage bookshelf games

Vintage Board Game Vintage Bookshelf Collection

More often then not teens are bored not because they don't have what to do but because they are lazy to think of what to do. These board games look great displayed on a bookshelf thereby serving as a reminder there is nothing like playing an old classic with family and friends. 



Cosmetic Bags


Fun Colored Cosmetic Bags

Patch letters are all the rage. Combined with bright funky colors this cosmetic bags are a favorite.

General Gifts

The gifts we all want. 



instant print camera 

Instant Print Camera

Set the mood of the party with the instant print camera by kodak. 



ice shaver



Kitchen Aid Ice Shaver

Who doesn't love snow cones. Now you can easily make it at home.



Inkless Sticker-Label Printer

Inkless Sticker-Label Printer

For the student that wants a diagrams handy on her notes, the scrapbooker that wants an extra embellishment, the homemaker that wants to label her food, this makes a great gift for just about anyone. 

Grab Bag and Stocking Stuffers


rolling lint ball

 Rolling Lint Ball

A handy tool to remove lint from your clothes. Fits right in your purse. 




2 in 1 cutter sealer

2 in 1 Mini Bag Sealer and Cutter

This simple tool changes everything. 






The stress balls for real stress relief.



slap band organizers

Slap Band Organizers

an organized home or office is an organized brain. These silicon slap bands are the perfect little gift you didn't know you need but will change your life.



Purse Ball Cleaners

Keep your bag clean at all times with this dirt collector.



aa battery converter


Double A Battery Converter

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